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The ABC's of Success in Canada

Canadian Professional Bookkeepers are a growing industry, worth millions.  But, the bookkeeping industry in Canada is unregulated. 


What does this mean? 


It means, you can be part of this million dollar industry.  Or perhaps you are and you're looking to manage and grow your business.

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned Bookkeeper, it's important to understand how to: START, MANAGE & GROW your Professional Bookkeeping business in Canada; without all the overhead costs. 


That's where the BookkeepersDenTM comes in.  We're here to help you do just that.  Your business, your way with a little help.






No yearly commitment.  No subscription.  You pay a monthly fee.  If it's not your cup-of-tea, that's OK.

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as you go

Why bother with all the hassle.  Just purchase a Monthly Pass each month; good for the month its purchased in.

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150 per month

A value worth 600+ per month, for only 150.  If you want access to the next month, great?  Purchase a Monthly Pass again.

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How it works

A monthly bundle worth

600+ for only 150.

Monthly Pass

A 600+ monthly bundle; all for only 150 per month.

You get access to 4 fun webinars each month, to help you get to the next level in your Bookkeeper business; held on Saturdays.

  • 1st week - Open Chat.

  • 2nd week - Start a Biz.

  • 3rd week - Manage it.

  • 4th week - Grow a Biz.



  • You get community support.

  • Access to RecNewsTM written by Canadian Professionals.

  • And, you get a complimentary eBook: Accounting for Big Kids© manual, the ALICE in Numberland Story.


Added bonus: all webinars are hosted by a Certified Executive Business Coach and former Forensic Accountant in Canada.  All for only 150.00 a month (plus Canadian Sales Tax).

Learn how to START, MANAGE & GROW your Professional Bookkeeping business today and join in on the conversation.




Stop the press!  The most important part of a Professional Bookkeeper's job, is the ability to organize and reconcile their client's books.  Reconciliations can be a daunting task; but, not with our monthly RecNewsTM - a national eNewspaper in Canada.

The BookkeepersDenTM monthly eNews offers you the ABC's on how to START, MANAGE & GROW a Professional business.


It's filled with 'meat & potatoes' - CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) updates and Tips & Tricks.  Produced specifically for Canadian Entrepreneurs and written by Canadian Professionals.  Keeps you on top of your game; so, you don't waste your time.

Find out how a Canadian Entrepreneur handles their business; including:


  1. How to START a business.

  2. How to MANAGE it.

  3. How to GROW revenues.

  4. CRA rules & regulations.

  5. Tips & Tricks; to save you time & money.


Why us?

The BookkeepersDenTM is not a Bookkeeper Association in Canada.  So, you are not committed; there are no subscription fees; no annual fees.  You pay each month for a Monthly Pass.  If it's not your cup of tea, you do not have to purchase a Monthly Pass for the next month.


And, we have nothing to do with testing your skill set.  The Canadian Bookkeeping Industry is unregulated, so it's up to you to own it and we're here to help you do just that.

The BookkeepersDenTM is an online gathering of like-minded professionals; in Canada.  We share, we add value and we discuss how to: START, MANAGE & GROW a Professional Bookkeeping business, in an unregulated industry; worth millions.

It's your business.  You do it your way, with a little help.

Not to mention, the BookkeepersDenTM is created by a former Forensic Accountant in Canada and an honours graduate from University, who just enjoys helping Bookkeepers.


An online gathering of like-minded Canadians.



Your way with a little help.




your Professional Bookkeeping

business in Canada.




is in your hands.

But, if you're not King, someone else rules.

In an unregulated industry, such as the Canadian Bookkeeping industry, only you can validate your professionalism.

Be King.